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About CBSS, Inc.

CBSS, Inc. was formed in 1989 by Nelda G. Steward and Randall O. Steward. Originally called Custom Business Systems, we provided the highest-performance Personal Computer technology available. CBSS was initially focused on custom software produced in our offices, but later expanded into PC networking and systems integration. Our software expertise coupled with current, advanced knowledge of network hardware and operating systems brings you technical assistance with a broader sense of trouble areas and solutions that will perform as desired.

We now enjoy relationships with many organizations of varied size and trade, each with different needs from their computer networks. Several look to CBSS for hardware sales and support, while others require our advanced network design and troubleshooting skills. Our primary concern is the availability, reliability, and security of the systems we service.

Up-to-date knowledge, impartial and informed recommendations, professional implementation, standardized and customized administration, and the extra effort required to produce excellence separates CBSS from many others in our field. Our complete dedication to solving the challenges faced by our clients separates CBSS from all others.

Compaq Computer Corporation leads our line of product offerings. Proven to be some of the most reliable systems available, Compaq servers are the de facto standard in the high-reliability server market, and provide the network computing power necessary for thousands of our nation's most critical and visible systems. CBSS specializes in complete life-cycle care of all Compaq products, from initial consultation, to sales and installation, to reliable repairs, including warranty services.

We recommend Hewlett Packard printers and supplies for most applications and environments. HP's commitment to quality and extensive experience with all types of computer hardware and software ensure that their industry-standard LaserJet and DeskJet printers are suited to nearly any task. Long life, easy network connectivity, and reasonable operating costs make Hewlett Packard a sound choice.

CBSS is a Novell Authorized Reseller, and is also affiliated with Novell through its Developer Relations Program. We maintain access to the very latest information and advanced technical knowledge needed for complex Netware designs.

Highly experienced in the installation, configuration, maintenance, and operation of PC networks, CBSS has implemented hundreds and actively maintains dozens of Novell Netware and Microsoft Windows LANS and WANS. Integrating mainframe/mini-based host services and specialized applications with PC networks is our hallmark, highlighted by many successful implementations of critical medical systems.

Internet connectivity is the latest addition to our range of services. We offer experience with all phases of Internet deployment, satisfying both LAN-based and mobile/remote connectivity users. One of our most unique offerings is the ability to have Internet access over a cellular telephone, guaranteeing access to network resources from almost anywhere in the country. This solution has proven popular with frequent travelers who rely on a connection to the Internet for E-Mail or other purposes.

Please see Services & Products to learn more about how we can help you develop a solution tailored to the exact needs of your organization.

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