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Network Services & Products

This page provides several examples of our product knowledge and affiliation.
Let our experience work for you!

PSINet Internet Integration Partner

PSI has the distinction of being the very first commercial Internet Provider, and has continued to innovate in public/private network design. CBSS is PSINet's most experienced Integration partner in the Houston area, having successfully completed hundreds of Internet-related projects.

Compaq Authorized Sales & Service

CBSS, Inc. is the premier Compaq Authorized Sales and Service Center in West Houston. We offer all Compaq server, desktop, workstation, and portable business models, the Netelligent network connectivity line, and perform Authorized service on all Compaq models. Clients call from a 400-mile radius for our unique quality.

Hewlett Packard Authorized Sales

We offer the full line of Hewlett Packard products for the enterprise, including servers, workstations, desktops, portables, printers, scanners, and network equipment.

Novell Authorized Sales & Service

Our expertise with Novell products began with NetWare 86, back when NetWare ran on the XT. Today, we design specialized IntraNetWare servers & networks for 2 to 20,000 PCs, connecting users across the hall to servers across the country.

Microsoft Authorized Sales & Service

When we first began using PCs, all software was provided by IBM. Now, most software on every PC is from Microsoft. We construct reliable solutions for the enterprise, utilizing all Microsoft products including Windows NT Server 4.0 and the BackOffice suite.

Network Computing Devices

Connecting computers to Unix systems is a perennial issue for many networks. NCD software connects PCs to hosts via their X-Windows technology. NCD's X-Terminal devices provide a low-cost solution for those requiring simple X-Windows workstations.

Just listing the manufacturers we represent does little to demonstrate our range of skills and experience. Here are some of our strengths for comparison with your current consultant or systems integrator.

Network Infrastructure

Novell NetWare


Specific Environments and Equipment

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